Armenian Dram (AMD)
Cost of Living
38.96 (US 69.92)
(US 69.92)
Time (UTC)
Parliamentary Democracy

Hire in Armenia without an entity and fully compliant with local labor laws

Armenia, one of the world's oldest countries, boasts a workforce educated in technology design, system analysis, and complex problem-solving. Natives are generally described as kind, welcoming, and proud of their deep cultural history.

Slightly larger than Maryland (118%), Armenia is the smallest country in Asia.

Get to know Armenia

Armenia is a landlocked country in the Southern Caucasus Mountains and adjacent to plains northeast of the Armenian Highlands. The climate is defined by cold winters and hot, dry summers. 

The people are friendly, sympathetic,  and respectful. Strong family values place children at the center of the home. Armenian culture resembles the concept of the Silk Road because distinct customs and unique art forms come from centuries of Western and Oriental civilizations blending.

Today's industrial-agrarian Armenia prioritizes small-scale agricultural production followed by industrial production, construction, trade, and transport. Primary exports are metals, diamonds, energy, beverages, vegetables, and fruit. Foreign trade soared by 47.7% January-July, 2022, according to the National Statistical Committee (NSC). 

The World Bank classifies Armenia as an upper-middle-income economy with the following trade agreements and alliances: 

Trade Agreements

  • EEU - Eurasian Economic Union
  • ADB - Asian Development Bank
  • CIS - Commonwealth of Independent States
  • OSZE
  • UN - United Nations
  • WTO - World Trade Organization

“Must know” if you’re hiring in Armenia without an employer of record

Budgeting for Armenia employees

Hiring remote Armenia professionals is smart and economical, assuming you’re fully compliant with local tax, labor, and wage laws.
Employee Classification–Full-time vs Contractor


  • Fixed work hours
  • Fixed salary
  • Work at employer’s designated locations


  • Flexible working hours
  • Salary depend on task/project
  • Work anywhere
Employment Contracts

Mandatory information for employment contracts include:

  • Date and place of the acceptance and conclusion of the employment contract;
  • Address of contract conclusion
  • Employer’s name
  • Employee’s name
  • Salary
  • Work hours
  • Annual Leave
  • Position and full name of the person signing the contract
Probation Period

Three months

Standard Working Hours & Overtime
  • Eight hours per day
  • 40 hours per week
  • Overtime = paid 150% of regular salary rate
  • Overtime must not exceed 120 hours per year
Payroll Frequency


Wages & Bonuses
  • Minimum monthly wage = $172.113
  • 13th month pay not mandatory

USD equivalent median salaries based on Role:

  • Data Scientist: $11,271
  • Electrical Engineer: $7,470
  • Hardware Engineer: $7,781
  • IT Manager: $8,372
  • Mobile Developer: $7,268
  • Product Manager: $8,620
  • Project Manager: $7,768
  • QA Engineer: $6,106
  • Software Engineer: $7,683
  • System Administrator: $6,098
  • UX Designer: $6,842
  • Web Developer: $6,338
Payroll Taxes & Employer Contributions

No cost


Health Insurance 

  • Offered by government health providers 
  • Benefits include general and specialist care, hospitalization, laboratory services, dental care, maternity care, and transportation.

Paid leave


  • Normal delivery = 140 days
  • Complicated delivery = 155
  • More than one child = 180 days


  • None

Vacation/PTO days

  • 28 - 35 days

Sick Days

  • Not specified by law.

Additional Leave

  • Jury Duty Leave 
  • Voting Leave
  • Bereavement Leave

Additional Benefits

  • Housing and travel assistance
  • Advanced professional learning courses
  • Wellness events and resources
  • Childcare services or stipends


Armenia celebrates 10 national (public) holidays and multiple observances a year. 

The most important fixed date holidays are:

  • New Year’s Day (January 1)
  • Christmas Day (January 5 - 6)
  • National Army Day (January 28)
  • Labour Day (May 1)
  • Armenian Independence Day (September 21)
Termination & Severance

Termination Process depends on the type of contract, the job role, the region, and the reason for termination

Notice Period

Less than12 months = 14 days

One to five years = 35 days

Five to 10 years = 42 days

More than 10 years = 60 days

Severance Pay

Less than12 months = 10x average salary

One to five years = 25x average salary

Five to 10 years = 30x average salary

10 to 15 years = 35x average salary

More than 15 years = 44x average salary

And a few fun facts about Armenia…

  • Yerevan, Armenia's capital, founded in 782 BC by King Argishti, is older than Rome.
  • Chess is a compulsory subject for children over the age of six years, which is probably why Armenia has over 30 gold medal winners and grandmasters at international chess Olympiads. 
  • Yerevan is known as “Pink City” because of the rosy volcanic rock used to create many of the city's structures.
  • The "Wings of Tatev," an aerial tramway in a lovely highland village in southern Armenia that spans 3.5 miles and reaches 1050 feet above the river gorge and holds the world record for longest non-stop double track cable car.
  • The world's oldest known leather shoe dating back to 3500 BC was discovered in an Armenia village

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