Produce accurate multi-country payrolls localized for currency and tax laws

Processing an accurate international payroll is easier and faster with Worca.

Advantages of working with Worca

Deep Analytics
Optimize fiscal resources with our data tools and analytics.
Automated Compliance
Ensure location-specific tax and labor laws are met through automations.
Automated and detailed payroll reporting shown in $USD
Accurate Reporting
Paychecks issued in local currencies
Better Experience
Simplify the experience for your teams and new hires
24/7 Support
Our technical specialist will respond to all inquiries in under 24 hours.

Why switch to Worca?

Because you want the competitive advantages gained by overcoming costly software engineering challenges.

Track payroll data accurately across countries

Issue paychecks in local currencies
Error-proof employee-record updating
Reliable payment data

Stay on top of local labor laws and taxes

Built in compliance with foreign labor laws
Automatically collect the correct taxes
Report directly to legal authorities

Access all payroll reports on one platform

Gated employee self-service management
Streamlined general ledger review
Year-end budget and payroll reports

"49% of workers will begin a new job search after two paycheck errors. In 2020, the IRS assessed about $6 billion in employer penalties. Up to 30% of companies misclassify employees"

— Fit Small Business

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