Run payroll without worrying about local employment and tax laws

Protect your bottom line by eliminating costly mistakes, tax errors, and employment law compliance penalties.

Approve and process payroll in minutes, not days

Pay your team regardless of their location
No setting up local entities
Multi-country payroll in one click
Issue paychecks in local currency
Stay complaint with local regulations
Automatically collect and report local taxes
Digitized payslips customized per each country
Localized employee contractor agreements and documentation
Track and monitor payroll status
Year-end budget and payroll reports
Employee self-service (ESS) portals
Reliable and accurate payment data
In the recent Deloitte Global Payroll Benchmarking Survey, 30% of respondents indicated it takes in-house teams up to four days to complete payroll.

Who benefits when you choose Worca

Worca makes it easy for managers and HR teams to run multi-country payrolls in just one click.

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Stop risking tax law non-compliance penalties from inaccurate employee and country-specific payroll information.
Find and source top international talent through Worca’s recruiting services.
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Employer of Record (EOR)
Hire, onboard, and pay employees in countries where you have no entity.
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Global Payroll
Manage payroll while staying fully complaint to international tax laws and regulations.
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