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Employer of Record

1. What is an Employer of Record (EOR)?

An employer of record, also known as an EOR, is a company that employs workers on behalf of another company. The EOR takes full responsibility for HR activities including onboarding, payroll, benefits administration, and tax filings.
An international employer of record is also responsible for processing visa documentation, filing foreign payroll taxes as required, and complying with country-specific labor laws.

2. What services are included with EOR pricing?

When you choose our premier EOR service level, you get Worca's Core HR Service Bundle plus the advantages listed under Employer of Record (EOR) Pricing.

3. Do I need a minimum number of employees to choose EOR services?

No, businesses of all sizes benefit from EOR services.

4. Why should I contract with an employer of record?

Three of many benefits of choosing an EOR are 
1. Transferring all the paperwork and administrative tasks of global hiring to experts, including payroll, tax compliance, and administering multi-country benefit packages.
2. Eliminating your liability for setting up foreign entities, applying for visas, and adhering to country-specific tax and labor laws.
3. Gaining access to secure administrator and employee self-service modules for single points of contact to efficiently manage and track HR elements.


1. Why should we use a third-party recruiting firm?

Because you want the operational advantages of
・Avoiding piles of resumes from under- or non-qualified applicants
・Higher right-fit candidates faster from a candidate pool of 25,000 top professionals across Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Vietnam, and other APAC countries
・Optimize real-time market salary surveys to guarantee competitive wages
・Worca provides access to a broad and deep talent pool you can’t develop alone.

2. Are language barriers a problem?

No, not with Worca’s highly-educated candidates. Our thorough pre-qualifying process includes pre-screening for English proficiency.

3. How do I know the candidates you present for interviews are qualified for my open position(s)?

Because we don’t want to waste your time or ours. Our thoughtfully pre-screen candidates for behavior, past performance, project experience, skills, and English proficiency to ensure a match with your job description(s). In addition, Worca offers a 90 day guarantee. When Worca recruits an employee who voluntarily leaves or is terminated by Client pursuant within 90 (ninety) days from the starting date of hire/employment.

“Overall, the quality of candidates that have come through the pipeline has been much higher than when I’ve been working with organizations like Toptal and Turing.”

Willy Wu
Head of Engineering of Doorstead


1. How will I pay international team members in local currencies?

By hiring Worca to run your global payroll for you. We have local entities in multiple countries so we can issue paychecks in local currency and ensure you’re compliant with country-specific tax and wage laws.

1. How do I get work visas for my international employees?

As the Employer of Record, Worca manages entities around the world and hires your employees under that entity, so you won't need work visas for remote employees working from home countries.
In instances where a work permit or visa is required, Worca manages the entire process from application to renewal.

2. Who owns the intellectual property created by my EOR employees?

You do. We require EOR employees to sign a Proprietary Information and Inventions Agreement (PIIA) when they accept and sign their employment offer The PIIA ensures all employee work results are assigned to the legal country entity.


1. How do we communicate in real-time and complete tasks across different time zones?

Worca has employees in six different time zones. The best practice is to set clear work hours and expectations with a four-hour overlap across time zones. 
・Video and/or audio record important meetings for sharing across teams
・Utilize a communication platform like Notion to standardize note taking and team SOPs
・Create intra-company communication channels on platforms like Slack
・Developers often use GitHub’s Issue Tracking system to ensure the quality of the code is being consistently improved.

2. Why should we hire people in different international time zones?

Because you want to 
1. Gain more work hours, generating 18-24 hours of productivity compared to the usual 8-10. 
2. Save salary dollars by hiring candidates from lower-cost regions.
3. Increase, or initiate global sales and input from a local perspective can positively inform the entire product lifecycle.
4. International hires can help you reach company diversity goals faster. 


1. What are your onboarding or set-up fees?

Zero! You won’t pay any onboarding or set-up fees when you choose Worca.

2. How do I pay my Worca invoice(s)?

You can pay via direct debit (ACH) or wire transfers.

3. Which currencies do you accept?

U.S. dollars (USD), New Taiwan dollars (TWD), and Singapore Dollar.

4. How do you determine best exchange rates (FX) for invoicing?

We exchange currencies with local banks then pass along the lowest rate we receive, without markups or hidden fees

5. Do I pay weekly, monthly, or annually?


6. Do you offer discounts after a certain number of hires? 

Yes, we do. If you are hiring more than 15 employees, we are happy to work with you to get a special rate. Please contact us for more information.

7. Do I have to sign a long-term contract with Worca?

No! Unlike our competitors we don’t require annual or multi-year contracts. Our agreements are month-to-month.

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