Stop juggling multiple vendors and software systems to manage your global workforce.

Consolidate your global HR activities and responsibilities into one user-centric platform.

Manage your workforce globally with a powerful EOR platform

Expand your team globally
No setting up local entities
Dedicated platform for Global EOR needs
Pre-screened resumes and job matching
Stay complaint with local regulations
Automated labor and tax compliance
Standardized country-specific onboarding
Employment termination protection
Simplify payroll management
Paychecks in local currency
Eliminate payroll errors
Full data-driven reports and tracking
“We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.”~Albert Einstein

Who benefits when you choose Worca

Worca enables your recruiting and HR teams to hire the best global talent faster.

Check Out Worca’s Solutions

Stop risking tax law non-compliance penalties from inaccurate employee and country-specific payroll information.
Find and source top international talent through Worca’s recruiting services.
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Employer of Record (EOR)
Hire, onboard, and pay employees in countries where you have no entity.
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Global Payroll
Manage payroll while staying fully complaint to international tax laws and regulations.
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