Employee Stock Options

Grant stock options to your employees globally

Worca makes it easy to issue employee stock options to employees and contractors regardless of their location.

Set up your Employee Stock Option Plan (ESOP) with Worca’s all-in-one platform

Issue Cross-Border Stock Options
Worca generates country-specific employment contracts to ensure ESOPs are compliant.
Customize vesting schedules and terms
Worca allows you to have full control of the terms and conditions for each ESOP.
Integrate options directly into contracts
Worca simplifies the ESOP process by including options in the onboarding process.
Track Stock Options Grants
Worca provides full visibility and transparency over granted stock options.

Retain your top top talent

Adding ESOPs to your employee incentive structure is a great way to motivate and keep your best talent.

Start issuing stock options internationally

Worca can set up your employee stock option plans in just a few minutes.

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