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Use Worca to hire A-Players globally. We’ll help you recruit, onboard, manage HR & payroll so you can scale your global teams.
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What does your startup need ASAP?

Highly-qualified candidates for critical roles

Engineers for on-time product launches
Sales representatives to book discovery meetings
Account executives to drive revenue growth
Customer support representatives to increase customer retention rates

Fast and accurate onboarding for a distributed workforce

Single source human resources information system
Compliant with current, localized wage, tax, and labor laws
Secure, self-service administrator and employee portals
Dedicated HR support specialists

Expert employer of record (EOR) services

Hire globally without setting up local entities
Avoid complex and expensive visa sponsorship
Eliminate multiple administrative and HR management systems
Manage IT equipment global delivery and retrieval

Centralized bulk payroll processing

Pay contractors and FTEs in local currency
Avoid country-specific non-compliance risks
Complete on-time tax filings
Tracking time, attendance, and PTO

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Find and source top international talent through Worca’s recruiting services.
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Eliminate paperwork and onboard new talent anywhere with ease
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Global Payroll
Manage payroll while staying fully complaint to international tax laws and regulations.
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Employer of Record (EOR)
Hire, onboard, and pay employees in countries where you have no entity.
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Centralize Payroll and related HR tasks

No upfront recruiting costs
Source from the world’s top 5% of talent
Stay compliant effortlessly
One platform for EOR, Payroll, and HR
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