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Jonathan L.
Software Engineer
Jonathan L. is a forward-looking Software Engineer with over 2 years of experience in solving quantitative problems for challenging and meaningful projects. With expertise in the software development lifecycle, API/database design, and web/mobile interface implementation, Jonathan proves to be a reliable all-rounder, thriving in fast-paced and dynamic environments.
Viel A.
Account Executive
Viel A. is an experienced sales professional with a 4-year track record. Currently serving as a Commercial Strategist, Viel is passionate about assisting organizations in problem-solving. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Communication Research from the University of the Philippines.
Andy T.
Product Designer
Meet Andy T., an accomplished product designer based in Tokyo, Japan. With 8+ years of experience, Andy specializes in crafting digital user experiences. His impressive portfolio includes 10+ projects, ranging from financial apps to e-commerce websites and design systems. Andy's user-centric approach and versatility make him a valuable asset in the field of product design.
Katie O.
Sales Executive
Katie an accomplished Sales Professional with nearly a decade of experience basing from the Philippines. Her passion for the role rivals her love for family, driving her to continuously challenge herself and unlock her full potential. Katie finds joy in personal growth and embraces each day as an opportunity to excel.

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Revolutionize your workforce with top-tier talent from anywhere in the world. Search and discover top remote workers from Worca’s pre-screened database.

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Worca's all-in-one platform can process multi-country payroll and taxes in countries where you don't have a global entity. We'll handle in-country labor laws and pay employees in local currencies.

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Onboard employees quickly and know you won't lose them — Worca's employee retention rate is over 95%. We'll even deliver work-from-home equipment that new hires need.
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"Why Our Clients Choose Worca"

“Thanks to Worca, we've uncovered a goldmine of talent in Taiwan, swiftly adding 150 top-tier, English-fluent engineers to our team. It's like having a second Silicon Valley, but without the exorbitant costs. Worca has dramatically powered our expansion, driving significant tech advancements at Houzz.”
Mindy Weng
Director of Engineer
“With Worca, hiring talent in Taiwan yielded significant cost savings of one-third in HR overhead compared to U.S. staff. Our team's productivity skyrocketed, giving our boutique firm a substantial advantage and extended runway.”
Annie An
Founder and CEO
“Worca has been a game-changer for Mucker Capital. They connected us with top-tier engineering talent in Taiwan and made managing a global team a breeze. Thanks Worca!”
Erik Rannala
Co-Founder & Managing Partner
“The quality of candidates coming through the Worca pipeline is much higher than candidates from Toptal and Turing. Worca helps hire FTEs, rather than contractors because there's just a much higher sense of ownership among the candidates.”
Willy Wu
Head of Engineering


Please let us know how to help you. If you have any questions, feel free to ask below:
How much is the subscription fee, how do you charge?

Posting your first three jobs with Worca is completely free. With the free version, you can post up to three jobs and have limited access to our talent list by job function. The premium subscription starts at $49.99 per month, enabling you to post unlimited jobs and have unrestricted access to our talent database.

What measures does Worca take to ensure the quality of talent available on the platform?

As the only Asian talent marketplace here, Worca attracts the highest quality talent who seek stable, full-time opportunities. Our AI recruiter prospects thousands of profiles every day, engaging only with the top 1% of Asia's massive talent pool.

Can language barriers affect the performance of my remote team, and how does Worca mitigate this?

No worries. 100% of our talent pool graduated from top colleges and have years of experience in English-speaking work environments, ensuring smooth communication.

Won't the time zone difference make collaboration difficult?

Not at all. We ensure all talent placed is able to work during required work hours.

How cost-effective is it to recruit talent via Worca compared to traditional hiring methods?

There are four reasons hiring through Worca is more cost-effective (1) no upfront recruiting fees (2) Worca charges an affordable flat fee rather than a percentage of the employee's salary (3) Cost of Living and Salary ranges in Southeast Asia are often 50% - 70% lower (4) in case of turnover, Worca replaces the employee at no additional charge.

If the hire doesn’t work out, what is the termination policy?

Worca follows local labor law, so terminating employees in the first three months typically costs nothing. Worca will also help you find a replacement at no additional cost.

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