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Run payroll and taxes globally in one place.

Worca’s all-in-one platform can process multi-country payroll and taxes in countries where you don't have a global entity. We’ll handle in-country labor laws and pay employees in local currencies.

Hire top talent at up to 67% less than what you’d pay in the U.S.

Starting and running a business is expensive, but we can help. Hire top global talent that can supercharge your company at a fraction of what it'd cost you in the U.S.

Onboard employees in minutes and retain them long-term.

Employees can be quickly onboarded and know you won't lose them — Worca’s employee retention rate is over 95%. We'll even deliver work-from-home equipment that new hires need.

Leverage the global talent pool

Assemble a diverse team from around the world
Gain 24-hour productivity across time zones
Hire graduates from top  universities globally

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