Operate fully compliant with international wage and labor requirements

Controlling financial operations for a global workforce is more profitable and strategic with Worca.

Advantages of working with Worca

Deep Analytics
Optimize fiscal resources with our data tools and analytics.
Automated Compliance
Ensure location-specific tax and labor laws are met through automations.
Global Transactions
We offer $USD, $CAD, or Euro-based transactions.
Language Reporting
Receive all reports in the English Language.
Built to Scale
Worca’s scalable platform allows you to stay agile during your growth.
24/7 Support
Our technical specialist will respond to all inquiries in under 24 hours.

Why switch to Worca?

Because you want the competitive advantages gained by overcoming costly finance challenges.

Stay compliant with international requirements

No set up of additional foreign entities
Avoid fines from improper employment classifications
Stay up to date with changing laws and policies

Operate your business just like a local one

Decipher costs of local labor contracts
Manage cash flow and reporting with multiple currencies
Get accurate, secure record keeping for sensitive data

Manage global payrolls all in one place

No more excel spreadsheets
Local taxes automatically calculated
Run payroll across locations in 1-click

"What’s on my radar is ensuring that we’re good corporate citizens, that we pay our appropriate share of taxes, that we abide by the local laws and regulations, and that we’re respectful of the cultures that we operate in…"

Tom Sweet
CFO of Dell Technologies

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