Manage your global team in one secure platform

Building and supporting an international workforce is smarter with Worca.

Advantages of working with Worca

Local Insights
Optimize fiscal resources with our data tools and analytics.
Automated Compliance
Ensure location-specific tax and labor laws are met through automations.
Increased Retention
Achieve 95% employee retention rates
Accelerate Hiring
Leverage our database with over 25,000 global talents
Better Experience
Simplify the experience for your teams and new hires
Stay organized with one single source of truth

Why switch to Worca?

Because you want the competitive advantages gained by overcoming costly human resources challenges.

Hire global talent without the hassle

Built in compliance with foreign labor laws
Efficient global HR operations
Standardized global talent onboarding procedures

Fill your key role with the best talent internationally

Hire from top 5% talent globally
Talent with high proficiency in english
Pre-screen candidates by skill level

Retain talent as you grow and scale

95% retention rate
Transparent processes and systems
Simple and streamlined tools

“Many employers estimate the total cost to hire a new employee can be three to four times the position's salary. That means if you're hiring for a job that pays $60,000, you may spend $180,000 or more to fill that role.”

— Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM)

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