Hire and Pay Contractors Worldwide

Stay fully compliant while hiring, paying, and providing benefits to global contractors and freelancers.

One platform to manage all global contractors

Automated Compliance
Ensure all contracts are fully compliant with local labor laws.
Localized Contracts
Generate country-specific contracts that comply with local tax and wage regulations.
One-Click Payment
Review and pay all your contractors in their local currencies with one click.
Streamlined Invoicing
Automate invoicing processes and create digital invoices for each payment.
Expense Management
Enable contractors to claim expenses and receive reimbursements with ease.
Contractor Portal
Allow contractors to track and view payments online.

Who benefits when you choose Worca

Worca opens the door for your HR team to quickly find, hire, and pay contractors worldwide.

Check Out Worca’s Solutions

Stop risking tax law non-compliance penalties from inaccurate employee and country-specific payroll information.
Find and source top international talent through Worca’s recruiting services.
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Eliminate paperwork and onboard new talent anywhere with ease
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Global Payroll
Manage payroll while staying fully complaint to international tax laws and regulations.
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Employer of Record (EOR)
Hire, onboard, and pay employees in countries where you have no entity.
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Leverage the talent of freelancers everywhere

Take advantage of Worca’s database filled with the world’s top contractors and freelancers.

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