Argentine Peso (ARS)
Buenos Aires
Cost of Living
32.13 (US 69.92)
(US 69.92)
Time (UTC)
UTC - 3
Presidential Republic

Hire in Argentina without an entity and fully compliant with local labor laws

Argentina is well-known for its vibrant culinary and cultural traditions, as well as its diversity, natural beauty, and strong financial prospects.

This country is in the southern half of South America, with a land area of approximately 400% of the size of Texas.

Get to know Argentina

Argentina's diverse geographical regions include arid Patagonian vistas, deserts, tundra, woodlands, mountains, rivers, and hundreds of miles of coastal shoreline. The Pampas region, known for its vineyards, is also home to the Gaucho, the original South American cowboy. It encompasses five Argentine provinces, Uruguay, and Brazil's southernmost state. 

Local culture is a blend of European and Latin American influences and includes a strong sense of loyalty.  Increased foreign investment is driving a rapidly expanding tech sector. The country also benefits from enormous natural resources, a well-educated population, a broad industrial base, and an export-oriented agriculture economy.

The World Bank classifies Argentina as an upper-middle-income economy with the following trade agreements and alliances: 

Trade Agreements:

  • CAN - Andean Community of Nations
  • Mercosur - Mercado Común del Sur


  • CELAC - Community of Latin American and Caribbean States
  • G20 - Developing Nations
  • G20 - Group of Twenty
  • OAS - Organization of American States
  • UN - United Nations
  • USAN - Union of South American Nations
  • WTO - World Trade Organization

“Must know” if you’re hiring in Argentina without an employer of record

Entity requirements
Mandatory hiring contracts & clauses
Different compliance risks for full-time vs. contractor employees
Mandatory probationary periods
Allowable working hours & overtime wage laws
Timecard and attendance records
Required employer payroll, labor insurance, and tax payments
Discrimination protection
Notices & termination regulations

Budgeting for Argentina employees

Employee Classification–Full-time vs Contractor


  • Primary income is derived from a single source
  • Paid leave and/or paid holidays
  • Takes orders from the employer
  • Managed by the employer's managing employees
  • Reimbursed for travel expenses, accommodation or other work-related expenses
  • Works at the employer's location
  • Receives equipment to complete the work
  • Includes bonus/incentive scheme by the employer


  • No fixed work hours
  • No obligation to be paid on a monthly basis 
  • Full autonomy
Employment Contracts

Written employment contracts are not required because labor regulations are mandatory. There are, however, two types of employment contracts:

Fixed-term/Open-ended Contracts

  • Duration cannot exceed five years
  • No trial period
  • With severance pay

Temporary contract

  • Duration is determined by the task or project
  • No severance pay or compensation

Probation Period

Three months

Standard Working Hours & Overtime
  • Eight hours per day
  • 48 hours per week
  • Workday overtime = paid 50% of regular wage
  • Weekend/Holiday overtime = paid 100% of regular wage

Payroll Frequency


Wages & Bonuses
  • Minimum monthly wage = $348
  • No mandatory bonuses

USD equivalent median salaries based on Role:

  • Data Scientist: $40,512
  • Electrical Engineer: $36,155
  • Hardware Engineer: $81,322
  • IT Manager: $35,232
  • Mobile Developer: $35,335
  • Product Manager: $34,053
  • Project Manager: $39,324
  • QA Engineer: $79,654
  • Software Engineer: $25,791
  • System Administrator: $34,641
  • UX Designer: $49,813
  • Web Developer: $25,266
Payroll Taxes & Employer Contributions
  • 5% - 35% Income Tax
  • 24% - 26.4% Social Security Contributions

Health Insurance 

  • Mandatory
  • Funded through employer contributions and employee withholdings

Paid leave


  • 90 days


  • Two days

Vacation/PTO days

  • Five years = 14 days
  • Five to 10 years  = 21 days
  • 10 - 20 years = 28 days
  • 20 years = 35 days

Sick Days

  • Five years = 3 months
  • More than five years = six to 12 months

Additional Leave

  • Jury duty leave
  • Voting leave
  • Bereavement leave
  • Military leave

Additional Benefits

  • Retirement insurance
  • Flexible working hours
  • Extended vacation annual leave
  • Performance or gratification annual bonuses
  • Commuting stipends
  • Education opportunities
  • Telecommuting


Argentina celebrates 15 national (public) holidays and multiple observances a year. 

The most important fixed date holidays are:


  • New Year's Day (1 January)
  • National Memorial Day for Truth and Justice (24 March)
  • Labor Day (May 1)
  • Independence Day (July 9)
  • Respect for Cultural Diversity Day (October 12)
  • National Sovereignty Day (November 24)
  • Christmas Day (December 25)

Termination & Severance

Notice Period

  • 15 days

Severance Payment

  • One month's remuneration for every year of service

And a few fun facts about Argentina…

  • The birthday celebrant will have their earlobes pulled, one for each year of their life.
  • Argentina produced the first animated feature film in 1917.
  • Argentina was the first country to identify fingerprints in a criminal case.
  • The world's longest street runs between Alaska and the southern tip of Argentina. It's over 18,500 miles long and crosses six time zones.
  • Argentina is home to howler monkeys, the world's loudest land animal. They can be heard from more than three miles away.

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