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How a well-funded enterprise hired 100 software engineers in less than 10 months


Houzz, founded in 2009 to facilitate better renovation and decorating experiences for homeowners, has approximately 1200 employees and an estimated value of $4 billion. In 2020, the company added project management software for home professionals to their online design galleries, retail, and service provider matching features.

Houzz has approximately 1200 employees and an estimated value of $4 billion.

Hire and equip 100 superior software engineers to support two international offices while competing with giant corporations during a tech talent shortage. Even as an established multinational company valued at approximately $4 billion, Houzz’s hiring managers fought the talent acquisition battle. Despite thousands of resumes and weeks of interviews, they couldn’t fill a few engineering roles, let alone hire the 100 they needed because of competing offers.Houzz also needed a more efficient way to set-up and support remote employees with company-provided hardware and software.


Houzz expanded their candidate pool by accepting applications from Worca’s curated database of 25,000+ English-proficient university graduates representing the top 5% of global talent. That decision empowered Houzz to:

  • Identify and attract the best possible candidates
  • Review pre-screened resumes expertly match job criteria
  • Only interview highly-qualified candidates
  • Hire with confidence supported by Worca’s 90-day guarantee
  • Launch products on time and within salary budgets
  • Improve employee retention rates to 95%

Additionally, Houzz implemented Worca’s IT equipment management program to efficiently and cost-effectively handle

  • Purchases and leases
  • Shipping logistics, including U.S. and destination customs regulations
  • Set-up, configuration, and maintenance
  • Offboarding and retrieval
Houzz improved employee retention rates to 95%‍

Houzz hiring managers received an average of five qualified resumes weekly. Worca’s 10:1 ratio of candidates-to-accepted offers delivered Houzz’s goal to increase hiring efficiency. They scaled at the enterprise level by hiring and onboarding 100 Taiwan-based engineers to support their Japan and Israeli offices as remote employees.By shifting their talent search from Silicon Valley to Taiwan, Houzz acquired the software engineers necessary to reach product development milestones in record time and without accelerating their burn rate. With Worca as their recruiter and EOR, Houzz is saving an estimated $10 million in annual salary and benefit costs.Switching to Worca’s in-house IT equipment management, Houzz CIOs and managers avoid losing hours sorting out logistic challenges and gain time for mission-critical tasks.

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