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December 30, 2022

Stellar, meaning related to stars, describes something or someone outstanding. For example, a stellar employee is typically productive and efficient, above and beyond their job description. Companies with stellar teams are industry leaders and innovators.  

How do you identify this type of talent during interviews? Ask the right questions--and watch candidates' body language as they respond. 

People who become stellar employees are collaborative, positive, and professional. They build relationships with co-workers and add value to any project. Offering special projects, continuing education, and advancement opportunities are employment benefits that attract these exceptional employees. 

Recognizing a stellar employee

Stellar workers are accountable. They take responsibility for their actions, including mistakes. Also, they understand how their decisions impact the team and the project. Listen for that accountability during your interview. 

Flexibility is another essential characteristic. With fast-moving technological change, you need someone to adapt to new challenges. And listen to their conversation for positivity. Nobody wants to work with a team member who brings them down with a negative attitude. 

Finally, pay attention to indicators of commitment and integrity. Your employees should believe in the team’s (and the company’s) success and goals. They should also feel comfortable pushing back on ideas that don’t fit with team values.

What Does a Stellar Team Player Do?

The most sought-after team players exhibit a raft of soft skills that optimize team function. 

  • Communication 
  • Problem-solving
  • Understanding their strengths and weaknesses
  • Taking the initiative
  • Adhering to deadlines
  • Supporting teammates
  • Sharing information
  • Receiving feedback

Communication skills favor listening over talking. Good communicators are active listeners. They face the speaker and observe non-verbal cues like body language. Most importantly, good listeners do not interrupt. They convey ideas clearly and constantly reconnect with their teams.  Stellar employees stay current on team projects, the project pipeline, and who is working on each team and project.

Problem solvers engage in critical thinking and suggest creative solutions to business problems. They often become experts in their areas, and as a result, other team members regard them as thought leaders and the go-to for fast help.

Stellar team players know their strengths and weaknesses. They can identify where their skills fit best into the team but are realistic about how much they can accomplish. They continue to build their skills by taking on stretch goals and projects that allow them to learn.

Taking the initiative is part of the stellar playbook. These leaders understand your business and seek to learn more by asking questions and finding ways to improve processes. The best workers help prevent problems before they begin and stand ready to act before being asked. Someone who takes the initiative often volunteers to help and learns leadership skills such as managing employee expectations and dealing with difficult teammates.

Missed deadlines are the bane of technology companies. Missed critical milestones can discourage employees and customers. You're looking for stellar team players because they're attentive to deadlines. They communicate potential problems as soon as possible and propose solutions to keep the project on track. During your interview, ask for examples of excellent time management skills and the ability to prioritize.

Stellar team players support their teammates. They complement the work of others and help struggling workers by building trust between team members and elevating productivity.

Information sharing is another crucial trait among stellar team players. They understand that hoarding information to appear indispensable is a sure way to sink a project. So instead, they provide helpful tips and information to the team. However, they don't insist others follow their example.

Stellar team players can receive constructive criticism without becoming angry or hurt. They use the information to improve their performance, knowing it improves team productivity. They can also provide feedback without harming others. The best team players are coaches, too, and they help your team excel and improve.

Finding Stellar Team Players

Recruiting stellar team players can be difficult. They are in high demand, and discerning stellar traits during interviews is challenging for many hiring managers. 

Worca help you locate these stellar employees quickly because we do the hard part for you. We pre-qualify workers in multiple fields and fill a database with the best we can find. We source employees from top universities and attract other stellar performers to build a project team that reflects well on your organization.

Working with Worca ensures the team players you hire can help your team reach for the stars.

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