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What Are the Benefits of Hiring Asia-Pacific Talent?

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June 27, 2023

The technology industry needs talent, and many companies are turning to Asia-Pacific (APAC) countries to source it. APAC talent is becoming a prime source of workers ready to elevate your workforce

By 2030, the world could see more than 85 million jobs go unfilled because of a lack of available talent, according to a Korn Ferry study. Tech companies in the U.S. are especially vulnerable to this talent shortage. 

As discussed in this article, hiring APAC tech talent can help lower startups’ burn rates significantly. Let’s dig deeper into more reasons to hire in this region.

Hiring APAC talent has numerous benefits for business leaders, in large part because of the increase in talent emerging in these countries. Those benefits include connecting quickly with talent, improving diversity and inclusion, and increasing productivity.

Connect With Highly Skilled, Qualified, and Affordable Talent

Every recruiter is looking to find highly skilled and qualified talent that is the right organizational fit and can be hired quickly. That goal is even more challenging in a tight labor market where employers are also concerned about costs and high turnover. 

With APAC talent acquisition, your hiring managers can reduce costs without sacrificing candidate quality. The APAC talent marketplace offers a large pool of top-tier engineers at an affordable salary level — ideal for businesses looking to expand with highly qualified professionals. In fact, Taiwan is ranked in the top 10 for developer quality, according to HackerRank. 

Not only are more top-tier developers graduating and entering the workforce in APAC countries, but the tech industry there is also expanding. Taiwan is among the fastest-growing startup ecosystems, with Taipei also rapidly climbing the ranks.

Companies looking to scale know that time equals money. An Employer of Record (EOR) solution can help businesses build a cross-border team without making a large financial commitment. Rather than going through months of the lengthy incorporation process for a subsidiary, EOR onboarding can proceed immediately in compliance with local labor laws.

An EOR can also help companies manage compliance and business expansion questions with ease and efficiency. This solution can assist you in onboarding your ideal hires, complying with local labor laws, and overseeing payments. 

Increase Diversity and Inclusion In the Workplace 

Today’s workforce spans multiple generations and is becoming more inclusive, making DEI strategies and initiatives a must-have for organizations to grow successfully. 

The world of work is changing, and companies seek to diversify their workforce. However, regular job boards aren’t necessarily attracting the tech talent you most need. By utilizing a hiring platform or EOR solution, companies can build full-time, inclusive, cross-border teams and improve overall company culture. 

Companies that prioritize different perspectives and experiences are not only doing the right thing, but they are also “better positioned to unlock innovation that drives market growth,” according to Forbes. When companies encourage different perspectives and experiences in the workplace, they can discover new solutions and better processes, especially when employees have firsthand knowledge of local markets.

APAC job-seekers are looking for jobs that prioritize DEI, so if you’re attempting to source talent from this region, you’ll need to demonstrate your commitment to DEI in recruiting, hiring and overall culture.

Boost Workforce Productivity 

APAC talent is highly skilled and easy to onboard, contributing to many aspects of diversity. Your company can also realize another form of operational benefit -- a unique type of productivity boost found only with a “round-the-clock” workflow.

U.S.-based companies that source APAC talent can split their workforce between the U.S. West Coast and countries such as Taiwan or Singapore, creating a functioning global team that’s able to work for roughly 16 hours straight each workday. 

Employees in each region have a few hours of overlap to communicate and collaborate, along with solo time to continue product development and other work. This shared workday cultivates a culture of collaboration that bridges geography and distance.

High-Speed Connectivity

Another form of productivity for tech companies is connectivity. Major APAC countries leverage advanced ICT infrastructure for growth and have received significant digital infrastructure investment either by governments or by companies such as Google and Facebook. The reliable infrastructure in APAC countries delivers a high-speed corporate internet connection that increases employee productivity and job satisfaction for your global operation.

At Worca, we make it easy for businesses in the U.S. to enjoy the boost in productivity that APAC talent provides while benefiting from the abundance of elite engineers in the region. Major cities in Singapore, Taiwan, and Vietnam are becoming global tech hubs powered by a highly educated population and government initiatives. 

We’ve seen firsthand how APAC tech professionals have contributed to the transformation of many businesses. From boosting the talent retention of an established tech company to helping a tech startup that raised a $1.5 million seed round while also launching three new products, having APAC talent on your team can help you reach your company goals. 

Imagine reducing salary costs by up to 67% over U.S. wages while hiring and onboarding international talent in days or weeks. Choose Worca’s end-to-end employer of record (EOR) solutions to identify and manage outstanding right-fit candidates. You can hire from everywhere and succeed anywhere! 

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