You're Funded, Well Done! Now You Need People, Which Seems Easier Said Than Done.

Imagine an all-in-one solution to quickly recruit, onboard, manage, and pay affordable global talent--without visa hassles, compliantly, and in local currency. Hi, we're Worca. Let's get your ideal talent working for you no matter where they live.
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Worca helps you...

Gain access to a global talent pool
Avoid setting up international entities
Eliminate work visa or sponsorship requirements
Comply with country-specific labor laws and pay in local currencies

Leverage the global talent pool

Talent is Scarce
Looking for specific hard-to-find skill sets
Need to reduce labor costs

Worca’s all-in-one solution vs. your alternatives

Are You Ready to Work with Full Time Employees that...
Graduated from Top Universities in their Region
Align with Western Work Ethics and Values
Mastered business and technical English
Make Worca your employer of record (EOR) if you want...
95% retention rates
2:1 or 3:2 APAC to U.S. salary cost savings
24-hour productivity across time zones
A transparent flat-fee structure
Ask Worca to Onboard Your New Hires if You Want...
Step-by-step instructions for employees to do their paperwork (instead of your HR team!)
To operate fully compliant with localized wage, tax, and labor laws
Self-service worker portals with direct access to their profiles, pay history, and employment documents
Secure cloud-based document storage for shared access to company-specific HR documents
Access to dedicated HR Specialists
Hassle-free delivery of company-supplied computers and office equipment to international teams
Ask Worca to Manage Key HR and Administrative Tasks if You Want to...
Hire international employees without the cost and legal headaches of setting up local entities
Avoid complex and expensive visa sponsorship
Eliminate multiple administrative and HR management systems
Grant access to employee documentation and personnel action forms
Enroll an unlimited number of platform users without additional fees
Produce and securely store employee & contractor agreements
Generate accurate payroll & general ledger reports
Protect intellectual property & invention rights
Ask Worca to Run Payroll if You Want to...
Approve and process payroll for salary, hourly, and contract employees in one platform
Ensure compliance with local tax and withholding laws
Provide payroll in countries where you DO & DON'T have entities
Produce digitized pay slips with custom fields to meet country-specfic payroll requirements

Don’t hear it from us. Read what our customers are saying

“Worca’s platform help me smoothly manage all our employees and contractors in Asia. The simple workflow saves me many hours every month.”

Madeline Nachbar
Hubly People Operations Lead

“Worca helped me onboard and run payroll in Taiwan instantly. Thanks for saving me months of work to setup an entity and figure out payroll on my own”

Joanne Owyang
Finfare Head of Finance & Operations

“Worca helped me recruit almost 100 top software engineers in Taiwan in 2021. The quality of the talent is impressive”

Gary Yue
Houzz VP of Engineering

“The seamless process from recruiting to onboarding help Spokeo build a team in Taiwan in a month.”

Harrison Tang
Spokeo Co-founder & CEO

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