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Worca is an employer of record (EOR), empowering companies to recruit, hire, and manage top remote Asia-Pacific (APAC) talent while lowering labor costs and staying fully compliant with local labor laws.
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Hiring international talent is easier and more advantageous than you think

Worca specializes in sourcing and qualifying elite Asian-Pacific talent that
Seeks full-time employment
Demonstrates Western-aligned work ethics and values
Graduated from one of the top 50 regional universities
Mastered business and technical English
Worca empowers you with


retention rates

2:1 or 3:1

productivity across time zone


APAC to U.S. salary cost savings

flat fee

transparent structure
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Why is Worca my smartest choice for an employer of record?

Gain access to a global talent pool
Avoid setting up international entities
Eliminate work visa or sponsorship requirements
Comply with country-specific labor laws and pay in local currencies
Easy Onboarding
Evaluate resumes, interview, hire, and onboard Asia-Pacific professionals in weeks, not months, with Worca's end-to-end payroll and HR SaaS solutions.

Don’t hear it from us. Read what our customers are saying

“Worca’s platform help me smoothly manage all our employees and contractors in Asia. The simple workflow saves me many hours every month.”

Madeline Nachbar
Hubly People Operations Lead

“Worca helped me onboard and run payroll in Taiwan instantly. Thanks for saving me months of work to setup an entity and figure out payroll on my own”

Joanne Owyang
Finfare Head of Finance & Operations

“Worca helped me recruit almost 100 top software engineers in Taiwan in 2021. The quality of the talent is impressive”

Gary Yue
Houzz VP of Engineering

“The seamless process from recruiting to onboarding help Spokeo build a team in Taiwan in a month.”

Harrison Tang
Spokeo Co-founder & CEO

Yes, you can hire internationally!

“We don’t use third-party recruiting firms.”

Understood. You can accelerate hiring by identifying multiple qualified candidates and making at least one offer for every ten resumes presented. Or use your recruiters to access our APAC elite talent pools directly. We’ll handle the onboarding, payroll, and HR compliance either way.

“We don’t like having employees in U.S. and international time zones.”

True, that's challenging–unless you have the right APAC employees helping you open communication lines and generating 24 hours of productivity. That's 3x the typical eight-hour U.S. work day!

“We’re concerned language barriers will affect job performance and results.”

Us, too. So, Worca thoroughly pre-screens candidates for behavior, past performance, project experience, skills, and English proficiency to best match your job description(s).

“Handling payroll for different countries and currencies is time-consuming, difficult, and expensive.”

Yes, it can be, unless there’s an expert EOR on your side. Your payroll team works in U.S. dollars; Worca processes employee payroll in local currencies in compliance with each country's local wage and tax laws.

“Well, how do we know we’re not overpaying international employees?”

You’ll have accurate country-specific salary data to guide your decisions.

“International connectivity is unreliable.”

Surprisingly, according to Statista, internet speeds in some countries, including Taiwan, surpass the U.S. and Germany. Google and Facebook invest heavily in Taiwan specifically to connect U.S. businesses to the country.

“We don’t want questions about who owns the intellectual property.”

“We don’t want questions about who owns the intellectual property.”
Your Worca client contract specifies all intellectual property developed during a candidate’s employment period belongs to your company.

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