A Worca vs. Papaya Comparison

What’s the best all-in-one Payroll & HR platform for your global team?
All-In-One People Platform
International PEO

Everything you need to hire global talent anywhere, anytime

Worca offers the only end-to-end solution for global hiring. We’ll handle your recruiting, payroll, compliance, and HR so you can accelerate your growth.

Worca helps you recruit faster and smarter

Search using Worca's recruiting platform to find global top 5% talent to fit any role.
With Worca
No upfront recruiting costs
Dedicated senior in-house recruiter
Access to database of global top 3% talent
90-day guarantee
Papaya does not offer recruiting services, so you’ll need to fill critical positions yourself.

Worca provides a complete onboarding solution

Worca's helps you onboard, manage equipment, and create custom incentive plans to ensure your hires hit the ground running.
With Worca
Contract flexibility with custom edits
Global mobility and visa support
Global equipment management platform
Employee stock option plans
Papaya doesn't offer a complete onboarding solution. You'll need to find another solution if you need support for global mobility, equipment management, and comprehensive employee stock option plans.

Worca offers the best in class service

Worca operates each one of its in-country entities. This means you always work directly with us and not as a distant third-party vendor.
With Worca
100% ownership of global entities
Legal and compliance experts
Localized insights & support
24/7 live customer support
Papaya relies on regional partners and has a limited number of owned entities. You'll have to rely on third-party vendors with little visibility and control when problems arise.

Worca's enables payroll flexibility at no additional cost.

Worca's global payroll solution gives you all the tools to track and make payments at your own pace.
With Worca
Payments paid in local currency
Multi-country payments in one-click
Run off-cycle payroll
Advanced payments
Papaya's payment and invoicing tools create more burden for all parties. With Papaya, tracking and auto-generating invoices are complex, while running off-cycle or advanced payments requires additional fees.

Why People Choose Worca over Papaya.

Worca offers a complete recruiting solution to help you hire top international talent. Our global database of over 25,000 pre-screened individuals ensures you can fill critical roles quickly and efficiently.
Market Insights
Worca's offers local insights for salaries, benefits, and upcoming changes to regulations so you can hire confidently.
Worca's has designed its platform to be easy to use regardless of the scale and size of your company. Papaya's product is more suited for large corporations.
Easy to Use
Worca's platform makes it easy for contractors and employers to track, manage, and generate invoices and reports. Our distributed HR platform guides users through tasks and documentation from start to finish.
Pricing Transparency
Worca's pricing is fully transparent to help you make better hiring decisions. No hidden fees, surprises, or a need to request a custom quote.
Worca is consistently recognized for our fast response and excellent service. Our 24/7 live support ensures your issues are resolved quickly.
Overall Pricing
Worca's EOR pricing per employee is $349/month, while Papaya starts its pricing at $770/month. Worca also provides contractor payroll management with better rates.
Local Entities
Worca owns and operates 100% of its in-country entities, while Papaya relies heavily on third-party agents. This means you'll always have complete visibility across the hiring process and experts to ensure local compliance, regulations, and licenses are adhered to.

We compared Worca with Papaya and couldn’t be happier after choosing Worca. The customer support has been amazing and we’re also saving over $1000 per month.”

Shaw Chen
CEO at Basebuild

Don’t hear it from us. Read what our customers are saying

“Worca’s platform help me smoothly manage all our employees and contractors in Asia. The simple workflow saves me many hours every month.”

Madeline Nachbar
Hubly People Operations Lead

“Worca helped me onboard and run payroll in Taiwan instantly. Thanks for saving me months of work to setup an entity and figure out payroll on my own”

Joanne Owyang
Finfare Head of Finance & Operations

“Worca helped me recruit almost 100 top software engineers in Taiwan in 2021. The quality of the talent is impressive”

Gary Yue
Houzz VP of Engineering

“The seamless process from recruiting to onboarding help Spokeo build a team in Taiwan in a month.”

Harrison Tang
Spokeo Co-founder & CEO

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Source from the world’s top 5% of talent
Stay compliant effortlessly
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